Friday, August 6, 2010

Glen Eyrie

The reason for our trip to Colorado was Steve was invited to speak at the Colorado Church of God Summer Camp Meeting. It was an honor for him to speak at this conference, the theme for the weekend was Shaped by God's heart. Steve did an excellent job talking about the fears that keep us from knowing and experiencing God's heart.  We enjoyed meeting all sorts of wonderful people over the weekend.

The retreat was held at Glen Eyrie.  Glen Eyrie is a 67-room Tudor-style castle built by in the late 1800's by General Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. It is now used as a Christian Conference Center. This place is beyond description. Here are a few pictures from around the property. My subject for the pictures was a little less than excited about me dragging her around the property trying to snap photos. For a photographer who knew what they were doing, this place would be an amazing photo shoot. There were a few bridal parties that came to take pictures on the property while we were there.

The Castle

So much wildlife. Bighorn Sheep, Deer, and Turkey. All right on the property where we walked!

Payton ran through a doorway thinking she was hiding from me. Little did she know there was another door down the wall that I snuck through and scared her!

Old wooden bench

Thanks to the folks in Colorado who invited us and so graciously hosted us.


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