Sunday, August 29, 2010


This past week we were spoiled to have Grandpa and Mimi in town. Dad was working with some churches, and mom hung out with us girls. I got a glimpse of what it is like to have family in town. For those of you who are blessed to have family in town to help with kiddos, I hope you appreciate it.  It was such a gift to have an afternoon by myself running errands without little miss taking much of my attention. I forgot what it is like to leisurely walk around stores.

Mimi and Grandpa

Steve and I went to Wichita Friday-Saturday for a wedding. Our friends Nick and Marissa got married and Steve was honored to do the ceremony. I think he did an excellent job making the wedding very personal. It was fun to get away for the night, just the two of us. 

Marissa and Nick

Fun to see my husband all dressed up!

It was great having family in town. We love spending time with family and it is such a treat when anyone comes and visits us in KC. Our doors are always open if someone wants a visit to KC.


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