Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 month baby bump

Well last week we hit the half-way point. Starting month 5! Time is flying by with this pregnancy. Here is the latest belly shot, I don't have a 5 month from Payton to compare. Less then 2 weeks until we find out the gender. Don't forget to vote.

By the way, this is the dress that I will be wearing all summer to anything somewhat formal. So far I have worn it to my reunion, and 2 weddings. I have 2 more weddings for the summer and this is one of the only dresses that is a little nicer that fits and is flattering, so don't worry that you will see it again soon :)

Please excuse the bra sticking out of the dress, I wish someone let me know that I was showing off my undergarments for the world. Some women love their boobs while pregnant. I am not one of those, I was quite content with my size before and due to the growth in that area, many shirts no longer fit. There are some women who understand that comment.



  1. I understand the boob comment completely!!!! :/

  2. I think you look amazing! I can't wait to hear boy or girl.

  3. I understand your silly comment :) I LOVE this dress and think you look STUNNING!!! Get lots of use out of it, busy girl!