Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monkey see Monkey do

Payton has started to ask to sit on the potty. She has a small potty upstairs and the ring for the potty downstairs. She has yet to actually go to the bathroom while sitting on the potty, I just think she likes to act like a big girl. When I use the bathroom, she take the toilet paper off the roll, hands it to me and says "wipe." I am so thankful for her, otherwise I might forget :)  She also like to be the one to flush the toilet. The other day she asked to sit on the potty, as soon as she sat down, she pointed to the shelf across the room with magazines and books and said "book." I do believe she has seen her daddy one too many times sitting on the toilet reading. The best part was I handed her a book of Steve's (no pictures) and she proceeded to turn the pages and "read" the book for about 1 minute. She had me laughing so hard. 



  1. That is tooooo cute Erin!! And I literally laughed out loud at her "wipe" comment :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Erin! I love it! Abigail does the same thing (exactly the same, all of it!). How cute are they?!