Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All 3 meals eating out!

Yesterday for Steve's birthday we ate out for Breakfast, lunch and dinner! That is like a dream come true for me. I love eating out. Staying at home, I don't get many options to eat out. Steve often has lunch meetings at restaurants, but I rarely get to eat out. So even though it was Steve's birthday, I got the day off from cooking!

My dad was in town overnight for some meetings. We were able to grab breakfast with him at Cracker Barrel. Payton loved seeing her Grandpa and so did we. We head to Florida in 2 weeks for the Wiens family beach vacation and I am looking forward to time with my family.

Lunch was at Imo's pizza. It is a St. Louis fav of Steve's and there is one not too far from our house here. Their pizza is thin and has provolone cheese. People either love it or hate it. We love it!

Dinner was just Steve and myself, as we headed to Roadhouse to get him a steak. Sara and Jay next door (have I mentioned what awesome neighbors we have all around us) watched Payton overnight so we didn't have to get home early. After dinner we got Steve a peach milk shake then headed to the movies to watch Date Night.

Good food, good times celebrating Steve!

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  1. You do have great neighbors! Where do you live? We need to come to that subdivision :-) Happy Birthday!!