Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Southards

Today my husband turns 28. At times 28 sounds old, but it so many ways it sounds young. I feel like I express myself well. But when it comes to expressing my respect, love, appreciation and attraction for my husband, I feel like my words come up short. I know what I experience inside, sometimes is hard to describe. Here is my best shot...

I can describe him
- as humble, yet so powerful and strong;
- a leader, yet a servant at the same time;
- strategic and focused, yet when he is at home, he is the goofiest guy you would ever meet.

A man who loves
- the Lord
- his wife
- his daughter
- his family
- his friends
- seeing people live full lives as God intended
- the outdoors

He has taught me
- to listen and speak from my heart
- to appreciate differences
- what serving your spouse should look like
- to think long-term financially (still working on this one)
- to enjoy nature more
- not to get defensive and take things personally

I love seeing him
- full of life, not depleted and worn down from the problems others place on his shoulders
- on the farm, working, getting his hands dirty
- enjoying nature
- in camouflage, I have never seen a man make camo look Hot, Steve has succeeded
- with his shirt off, tan body :) hehehe
- playing with Payton, watching his eyes as he looks at her
- looking into my eyes, saying a thousand things to me without speaking a word

Steve, today we celebrate you. God has used you to impact the lives of so many people, more than we might ever know. I am privileged to be your wife, it is an honor to journey through life with you. I look forward to the day, we are walking side by side with our walkers, and you reach over and grab my rear end, knowing that even after all the years, and all the history we have, that we are still so in love with each other!


  1. Ohhhhh...that made me cry. That is so sweet Erin. Happy birthday Steve!

  2. I teared up, too! Happy Birthday, Steve!!