Monday, May 24, 2010

A little bit of nothing

A few random things that do not fit together :)

Two Friday nights ago we went to the Royals game with some ICCC staff and volunteers. It was fun to get out to the ballpark, as this was our first game for the season. We were thankful that Hilary (next door) watched Payton, as we were so high up in the stands that would not have been fun to keep an eye on her and her wanderings.

It was a beautiful evening, cool, but comfortable, and they had fireworks at the end of the game. Steve and I have become friends with one of the players and his wife, we met him last off-season, so this was my first time watching him actually play. It is weird, because to me he is a normal guy, but watching him make plays and showing him up on the jumbo-tron was funny.

Erin and I were glad we were one of the first 10,000 women who got a free t-shirt for ladies night!

We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings with Zack and Erin (below) afterwards. We didn't get home until after midnight (Hilary kept Payton overnight), I told Steve I felt like I was a teenager without a curfew, we usually have to get home to get Payton from the sitter, so it was fun to be out late and eat all sorts of unhealthy, yummy food!

Last Thursday was a rough day for me. We hadn't seen sunshine for what felt like months (it was a few weeks) and it was once again rainy. I was stuck inside all day again, and feeling lousy. I am taking medicine that has helped physically, but emotionally (hormonally) I am still a little off. Steve was leaving Thursday night for a few days and I was feeling lonely. I had a little breakdown, and when Steve asked what was wrong, I had about 10 different things going on in my head, so I knew it was hormonal. While I was crying to him, the door bell rang and it was our friend Amanda (Steve's high school friend who lives here in Olathe) and she said she had just been reading my blog and wanted to bring us dinner. I was so touched by her gesture. I had already been dreading getting off the couch and cooking. She stayed for a bit and shared about her recent trip to Egypt. It totally lifted my spirits and got me out of my poor me episode. She brought Boston Market which I haven't had in years, and it was so yummy! I believe God sent Amanda to me at that moment to love on me. Thanks God that you care about me even in my poor me days!

After we ate Amanda's dinner, I decided to do something productive with me evening. It was still rainy, so Payton and I went down to the basement and cleaned out her closet. We have a closet down there that I throw all sorts of "baby" stuff in. Whether it be toys to transfer out, old clothes, bathtubs, car seats, etc. It is amazing that is 16 months we have acquired sooooo much stuff! And remember, I am the rebel that really doesn't buy toys. I made 1 garage sale run last spring and got a few bigger items for cheap. I think I have spent a total for $30 on toys for Payton in her entire existence. We still manage to get sooo much stuff. Probably because she has a Papa and Gigi Southards that fine great toys and bless her with them. Papa S is the master garage sale bargain finder, and we are thankful for the many great deals he has found.

Here is Payton, in heaven playing with all of her stuff at once! We did get it organized so when this baby comes around, I know where the age appropriate toys (those toys you HAVE to have for 1 month's use) are, so we have quick and easy access to them.

While Steve was gone we made Jiffy pancakes! They are my favorite pancakes and Steve always wants "healthier" ones, so we took advantage of his absence and chowed down on pancakes!

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