Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not so small, small group

Monday we finished up our small group for the semester. At ICCC we are on a semester system, where we follow the school year, that way they are planned breaks, which everyone enjoys and it allows for people to try different groups and not be tied down to one for eternity. Our group is a mix of young adults (married, single, engaged, with kids, without kids). We love our group. Here are some pictures from Monday where we celebrated Cinco De Mayo a few days early. Every week we enjoy a meal together (everyone brings a dish around a planned theme for the evening) and then have our study time. We usually split guys and girls for discussion as our small group as over 30 people signed up. Not everyone makes it every week, so we often don't have over 30, but it does get nice and cozy.

Mexican was probably one of our best nights of food, amazing home made food!

The guys somehow seem to always find themselves outside, especially on the beautiful Spring evenings!

We love our group and are thankful for the great relationships we have formed and for the people to walk our journey with, growing and learning about how God is alive and active in our everyday lives. If your church as community groups and you are not involved, you are missing out!

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