Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not so green thumb

Spring is in full bloom here in Kansas. That means it is time for flowers and gardens. Now this Florida girl was not raised planting anything. I don't recall people in Florida growing vegetable gardens. I am sure there are people who do, but I do not recall anyone in my world as I knew it having gardens. Since I have a mother-in-law who has gardens that belong in Better Homes & Gardens and Steve's extended family (grandparents, aunts, etc) have amazing gardens, I decided to give this whole thing a try. Last year I had it pretty easy. My in-laws were visiting at Mother's Day (which I have learned is about a good time to plant by) and they put in my whole garden for me. My mother-in-law also brought me all my hanging plants and did all my other planters. All I did last year was water often and maintain what was started. I was good at that.

This year, I was on my own. So Payton and I went to the Flower Farm about 20 minutes south of us, out in the country (thanks to Lyndsey for the recommendation) and we bought flowers and vegetable plants. I had no idea what I was doing. If I was educated, I probably would have enjoyed it a little more. I was reading every flower to see if it would be a fit for my needs. It was such a beautiful place though. Here are some pictures of our time there.

Here are the goodies I came home with:

Here is the snap peas and lettuce that Steve planted before we went to Florida. I am better at maintaining then starting for gardens at least. In other areas of my life I have always been a starter and I want someone else to maintain, I guess gardening is different, Steve felt like he was twisting my leg to get those seeds in ground. Also I was pleasantly surprised at my herbs that came back from last year (left side of picture). My cilantro completely died off last year, and it is growing again. The other two (can't exactly remember what they are) are big and strong even after all winter!

Payton has loved being outside. While I worked on my garden and flower pots, she cleaned off the little pots the flowers came in with the water running out of the hose.

She was a mess when it was all done, but loved it.

Well here are the hanging pots. I was a little disappointed, I know they have to grow in, but I wasn't feeling well, my body hurt and I felt like I spend $50 and had nothing to show for it.

My front porch pots will fill in and flower, but I am guilty of wanting instant results. I had pictures of my tomatos and peppers, but they aren't loaded and I am down at Steve's grandparents farm, so those will have to come later. I am excited about harvesting my produce, last year, it was soooooo much fun to walk out into my garden and pick a fresh tomato for an amazing BLT sandwich!

I stripped Payton clothes off her before we came in and as soon as I turned my back she stripped off the diaper. We have entered the phase where taking off the diaper is fun.

She was close to bath time so I didn't want to get a new outfit dirty, so we found cute bloomers to keep her cute little hands off the diaper. Plan worked!

Showing that Payton must have good tanning skin. We had gone for a walk for less then an hour and she came home with tan lines from her new sandals. The color makes her look red, but it wasn't at all, she was tan. She is starting to get little tan lines, maybe like my mother-in-law who is not only a great gardner, but tans better than anyone I know, Payton will have good skin! Both the Wiens and Southards tan well! My first words I ever said to my husband where "How are you so tan?"

Just a fun close up of her crazy hair!!!

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