Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 strikes and I am out

When it comes to trying "crafty" or "creative" things, I don't often plan well. I just do it and if it works great, if not, I learn from it. I am detailed in other areas of my life, but not with trying creative things.

About a year ago I dyed some curtains and a bag bright fuchsia. I was very happy with my couple dollar investment, as the new color improved those 2 items appeal.

Well I have had this yellow dress for a couple years that is really comfy, but I have to be super tan to feel like it looks good on me.

So I decided to invest an whole $2 to buy some dye to give this bad boy a new look.  I headed to JoAnn's with my 40% coupon in hand and decided on a rich purple color that would look great for different seasons. I followed the directions and threw it in the laundry machine ...

and the result ....


I would never wear this color, as it would wash me out completely.

So I decided to go ahead and just go Navy, as that is very dark, for sure it would cover the yellow and once again could be worn for different seasons. So back to JoAnn's with my coupon, another $2 and the results ...


I guess I have forgotten my color wheel from middle school art class.  Yellow and Blue make green.  Well, this is not my color, but I should be able to get away in the fall with wearing it, maybe layering a different color below. I have considered trying black, but at this point I am over it and will wear it for what it is. 

Not all projects turn out successful, oh well :)



  1. i actually like the army green color, i think you can get away with it!!

  2. and yellow, red and blue (purple) make brown.... haha, I probably wouldn't have thought of that either though!