Thursday, September 16, 2010

Groups Celebration and Apple Picking

Well we are a little late in reporting our weekend, but nonetheless...

Friday we celebrated the Community Group Leaders at Indian Creek Community Church.  My friend Judy did an amazing job putting on the event.  Check out her blog HERE for great pictures of the evening. 

yes I have noticed in pictures that baby weight has moved to the face, oh well, what ya do with that :) - good news scored that dress for $6 off Target Clearance, gotta love Target!

Our good friends The Zimmers. Mike is the Groups Director at the Olathe campus (he is an engineer full time, volunteers for the groups position). Candace is back to school to be a PT. Their son Ethan (E-man as Payton refers to him) is one of Payton's best buddies.  

Payton stealing the balloons at the end of the night

E-man trying to get in on the action

Saturday we had a great family day. Picnic in the park and apple picking!

It is a little early for apple picking, but this Orchard wasn't far form our house, it was small but they have a large variety

Payton checking out the goats on our way to pick
Good view of the apples from up there

Of course we had to give it a try
Family shot
Daddy made Payton work hard for  her apples
Enjoying a cool apple slush at the end of a hard hour of picking!

The Southards are getting excited for FALL, how about you?


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  1. dustin and i went to that orchard last year, but it was at the end of the season. it was really pretty out there, we enjoyed it and so did Bernie!! and their apple slushes were amazing!!