Monday, September 20, 2010

Dreaming is Risky Business

Steve spoke yesterday about Following the God given dream inside of you being risky. We are continuing our story on Nehemiah, how God gave him a vision/dream and he pursued it. Here are a few points from the sermon:

The path to your greatest potential is often straight through your greatest fear.
God wants to take you through those hard places to reach your fullest potential. So often we are limited by our human perspective and think we can't make it through something, but God is bigger and wants to give you more.

Dream Chasers know that playing it safe can be risky
The only place riskier then in the middle of God's will, is outside of his will. Playing it safe not only guarantees you miss out on what God has in store, it can also be dangerous

Dream Chasers know that their God is bigger than any problem or excuse
We as Christians often focus on the size of our problem, not the size of our God. We don't take that first step towards our dream, because we think of all the ways it can go wrong. We think, maybe God will show up. Nehemiah gives us the example that he assumes the God of the heavens will show up and take care of whatever problems they might face in rebuilding the wall.
How big is your GOD?
This is how big my God is...

God takes full responsibility for a life fully surrendered to him. What dream has God placed inside of you that you need to take action on?

My personal application involves taking a step towards a nudge that I have felt from the Spirit for about 2 years. Not long after we moved here, we had a guest speaker from The Urban Scholastic Center which is on a mission to develop socially responsible Christian leaders. They model and teach urban youth to become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ while placing a high priority on education, family and community. They are based in in the inner city of Kansas City.

I felt at that time that for some reason, I should get involved here. Long story short, I have heard the same gentlemen speak different times, I have personally spoke with him, almost every time a sermon has been preached the last few years challenging me to step out and do what God has asked me to, my mind always goes back to USC.  Have I taken any steps yet? 

I always seem to have an excuse. Childcare has been the biggest one, which I know there are opportunities to help that are behind the scenes and I wouldn't have to leave Payton.

So sitting in service, listening to my husband speak, I was once again challenged. It is interesting to me, because I don't feel like I have a burning passion to be involved with inner city youth, that would be far down my list of passion areas, but I can't get away from the fact that I feel God is telling to do something.  

So I am going public. Public declaring that I am going to contact the center and ask how I can help. I figure if I am public about it, I have more accountability and can't keep "putting it off."  So if you read this and see me or talk to me, ask me what I have done to make steps in that direction.

Who knows, God works in funny ways, it might not be at all about me and the youth. It might be another person I meet on the journey, or it just might be me that God has some work to do with and this is the path for that change.  

I don't want to guess what is in store, I will choose to walk and see where it goes...


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