Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

I am super excited to have a reason to redo a room

If I could afford to redecorate my house every year or two, I would
I love to decorate
I love the hunt for CHEAP decor
I love learning from others who know what they are doing
I really don't know what I am doing
but I enjoy it!

I am learning to not be so matchy-matchy
To have variety

Recently I have wanted a navy blue room
I had decided whether baby #2 was a boy or girl, the nursery would be navy blue with different accent colors depending on gender
When I decorated Payton's nursery, I stayed with the color the room already was
I also took almost all hand-me-downs and spent under $50 on the whole room that is including the furniture
I am very thankful for hand-me-downs

It was a nice, simple, clean room

But now I get to dream
So navy.....
Then I spotted the orange giraffe throw at Home Goods
So navy and orange....
kinda close to gator colors :)
Then right after we found out it was a boy my friend Mindy showed me a mirror she tried to sell in a garage sale, but got low offers for
It is unique mirror with leather and animal hide 
kinda western
And then the wheels started rolling....
Navy, Orange, White, Classic yet Rustic
Went to home goods and found some unique, cheap decor pieces
The excitement was growing

I text Steve and said I need a European deer mount and some sheds (antlers)
He said he liked where this was going
I found a wall color I loved in Pottery Barn's most recent magazine and went online and found the exact color
I love seeing examples of colors because we all know little swatches don't do much

My budget falls between $100-$150 for the whole room makeover
Thanks to living by a great Home Goods and my DIY desire, I will stay within budget

Here is the picture one more time, my goal is to finish in the next 2 months before the holiday's hit

FYI - this means I also get to decorate Payton's big girl room and that redo will be about $50 for the whole room, I have scored amazing deals. Keep an eye for that room make over very soon!



  1. i love where this is going...can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

  2. I wish I was good with decorating. My walls are plain because I can never make up my mind. I'm sure both your rooms will look great!

  3. It's going to be so cute, and what do you mean you don't know what you are doing, you are amazing at decorating!! I recovered a chair in the swatch of material in your pic (except in green) and I love it, I want to make some curtains in it, its so classy!! Love you

  4. Love these ideas and colors are fab!!! Have fun creating this special place for your son. Can't wait to see the big girl room. You are so good with budgeting....I've already spent $300 for Lucas big boy room and I still have to get furniture...yikes!!!!

  5. o my goodness owls and antlers my type of room!! hehe

  6. Love it Erin!!!! That will be a BEAUTIFUL color scheme!!

  7. How exciting! I am planning a Cowboys and Indians room for our little man! So excited and what is this Home Goods store that you speak of? I may have to take a drive out South.