Saturday, September 18, 2010

Payton's New Room

Payton's "Big" Girl room is pretty much done.  The whole room cost me under $50!!!!  Most of the decorations came from Steve and my first bedroom. Yes we had a pink and green room when we first got married, which is completely different than now.

I originally had envisioned more of modern room with totally different colors, but when I scored the Pottery Barn bedding for $20 (Retailed over $400) at a garage sale, my whole idea changed quickly. I am easily swayed by a cheap, great deal! And since I like to redo things, I figured even if I kept this for a few years then changed, I wouldn't feel bad about my $20 spent.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, see the breakdown after each picture

Pottery Barn Queen Bedding (Quilt, Sheets, Sham, Throw Pillow, Valance) = $20
Head Board - Recovered a headboard that I had used with this bed in guest room - Fabric $12
Night Stand - already owned
Dresser - free from neighbor, had painted it awhile back with "oops" paint
Art Canvas (3) - already owned, purchased from Marshall's many years ago (from original master bedroom)
Piggy Bank - Gift
Green Decor Piece - Already owned
Wall Color - was already this color when we moved in

Up close of headboard, I love this fabric and under $6 a yard you can't go wrong. If you live in KC area, you have to check out Home Fabrics & Rugs on Metcalf and 119th! You can kinda see the sheets that came with the set, white with green polka dots.

My 20 minute project the other day. I wanted to spruce up my lamps (small one for nursery) and I never could decide on pictures for the frames, as Payton changes so quickly so I decided to add my own little touch. I went to town with the hot glue gun, and $2.40 later ...

Ribbon = $1 per roll = $2
Scrapbook Paper = $0.20 each = $0.40
Scrapbook letters - already owned
Lamp shades - already owned
Frames - already owned (were navy and white but sprayed them white awhile back for another room)

Flowers and vase = already owned (yes from original master bedroom)

Dresser - Free from neighbor, painted awhile ago
Mirror - Already owned, painted white awhile ago (Steve had bought these for his first office and I used to hate these mirrors until I spray painted them white when we first moved here)
Flowers, frames, basket with books - Already owned
Rocking Chair - Cracker Barrel rocker from Papa Southards (Steve's Dad)

I am very excited for the completed project, especially with the price tag, that makes a job a successful for me, cute and cheapo!

Here is a picture for the guest room now. The twin beds were moved in here, and since I had no budget for this room, I just used my old queen bedding and pillows for this room.  I have wanted to do something with this room for awhile, but with the rate that we add kids and move rooms around, it isn't worth putting money into this room until I know what it will be used for long term. So it stays simple and clean, which is nice for a guest room.

And progress is being made on the nursery, paint is done (yes it is dark navy and I love it), here is a teaser of the room with my new $0.60 artwork ...

Hope you all are having a great weekend!



  1. You are IMPRESSIVE! I bet she just loves her new room. Looking forward to nursery room pics!!

  2. It looks great! I'm sure she loves her new room. I can't wait to see the nursery too!

  3. DUDE. And I thought I was good at bargain shopping. Congratulations, I am completely re-inspired as a bargain hunter.

    And VERY nice job, by the way. It's all beautiful! (And I love the navy blue paint.)

  4. Erin- That is amazing. I have decided while I am not talented at projects like these, I will just admire all the projects of people who are! :)

  5. looks great Erin!!! it's very girly, but fun!

  6. Beautiful job on both rooms. I can't believe you scored such a good deal on that bedding! That is awesome!

  7. Nothing more satisfying than repurposing. Beautiful.