Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's talk about Sex Baby, let's talk about you and me...

Thank you Salt N Pepper for opening up our topic today. Ironically this song was released on my 9th birthday (thanks Wikipedia for that info). I know when it came out it wasn't the type of song I was allowed to listen to (appropriately so).

I do believe that more married couples should heed the advice though, TALK ABOUT SEX WITH YOUR SPOUSE!!!!

I have recently been reading Christian blogs and articles on SEX (I just like putting that in all caps, makes a few people wiggle in their seats).  I do apologize to the all my grandparents that read this blog, I know this might be a little uncomfortable topic, but since the world we live in screams unhealthy advice our way, I thought we would talk about the Godly perspective.

I have stumbled upon a few good blogs and resources that I want to pass along to you. By no means do I have great wisdom in this area, but I am a wife who wants to have a sex life with her husband that puts a smile on God's face. God created us, he created our bodies, he knows how they are meant to work together, I believe he delights in a husband and wife, intimately knowing each other. 

Someone once told me that the devil does everything he can to get us in bed before we are married and does everything he can to keep us out of bed once we are married. He knows the deep bond that is created having sex, and he does whatever he can to corrupt what God meant for good, just look around us, negative sexual influences are everywhere. 

I am calling my married Christan friends to reclaim SEX, God's way, in your marriage. God wants you to have passionate, heart-bonding, heart-pounding :) SEX.


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  1. Great post with excellent links! I especially like the first one. ;)