Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patience continued...

I am so grateful when the Lord gives me a gentle nudge of encouragement. After writing my post on patience last night, this is what I read in my quiet time with the Lord this morning:

Proverbs 16:32
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

So many people would rather be the warrior who takes a city, someone in the limelight getting attention, and accolades for their efforts. But God rewards those who are patient and self-controlled. As a mom to young children, I don't get many pats-on-the-back for the times I am patient and/or self-controlled in the face of raising and training children. Patient as I wipe poop off my little girl's behind, or for the 4th time today I clean up the kitchen. Patient as my little guy cries, having no idea what is going on, trying to hold him and love on him. Self-controlled as my 2.5 year-old is going through a phase of screaming demands at me and throwing things instead of using her normal voice to ask politely for something. 

Mom's don't get articles written about them in newspapers reporting that once again, today, just like every other day this week, they were patient and self-controlled while they showed love, grace, and acceptance to their children. 
The Lord sees, and he is so pleased with our daily efforts that are behind closed doors. He will reward those who are patient and self-controlled with rewards that this human world can not offer. 

Anyone who is walking the line of patience and self-control, no matter the situation, I stand and applaud you, but more importantly the Lord applauds you and desires to lavish you with rewards if you let him.  Be encouraged that your efforts do not go unnoticed!


  1. I JUST READ THAT VERSE YESTERDAY!!!! The Lord had really laid the idea of self-control on my heart when it comes to my temper with my kids as well as my time spent working on insignificant things (projects, crafts, internet, etc)! Thanks for sharing!