Sunday, August 28, 2011

St. Louis trip

This weekend we headed to St. Louis for a quick trip to see Steve's little brother Ben play his opening football game of his senior year.  It was also our first trip in the new van :) It was quite a comfortable ride. Our weekend trips often are Thursday evening - Saturday evening. Being married to a pastor, our weeks look a little different than the typical.

Friday before the game, Gigi took us to Grant's Farm.

Sister wasn't too sure about the goats

Getting a little more comfortable

Then the goat decided to eat her hair and tick her off :)

The boys watching the goat feeding

She picked the bunny

Buster had to settle for watching sister from the stroller

Buster was sitting tall for the picture while sister tried to escape

Gigi and Buster

Not too sure about feeding the camel

I don't blame her, check out the sign

Getting a little daddy lovin

Sister helping papa collect tomatoes
 Unfortunately Ben's team lost the game by one touchdown, it came down to the last play of the game.  He led the team in tackles though. You would think Uncle Benny was Payton's hero. She has talked about him ever since the game. Talking about him falling to the ground tickling people (while she makes a tickle motion with her fingers, we haven't explained tackling to her). She also couldn't stop talking about Benny waving her to after the game.  We watched him a year ago and ever since that game, whenever we pass a football field driving, or have a game on TV, she thinks it is Benny playing. Needless to say, he is a little 2.5 year old that is his biggest fan!

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