Friday, September 9, 2011

Yellow tags

A few of my favorite places to shop are TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I have been known to get great deals. One of my favorite times of my shopping year is when my fav stores have yellow tags on their clearance. If you shop these stores, you know what I am talking about. Items that have been on clearance so long, marked down so many times, that they are extremely discounted, just to move them out of the store. I had considered blogging last week about my great finds while in St. Louis, like this one

Over 90% off is a pretty good price for those Michael Kors black shorts. Then I went shopping this weekend on the way home from the farms and got some of the cheapest clothes ever. I mean we are talking about cheaper than goodwill, cheaper then garage sales. Brand new clothes that they almost paid me to walk away with. 

 These were nice brands; Max Studio, Buffalo Jeans,  Ralph Lauren, Nine West and more. I calculated the Retail price according the original tags (which I am not sure if anyone actually pays, at least not any of my friends). The retail price for my items was over $440 and I spent $12!!!!!!!!!! People that is a deal. 

Max Studio Dress (retail $98) = $3
Ralph Lauren blouse (retail $89) = $3
Will Smith Khaki shorts (retail $32) = $2
Grey Top (retail $39) = $2
Buffalo Jeans (retail $89) = $1
Nine West wedges (retail $79) = $1

A few of the items really weren't my style or colors that I usually go for, but for that price I will get my money's worth. The grey top below and the orange wedges (not my color) are not my typical, but I might be pleasently surprised for the variety. At $1, that is cheaper than a soda at Sonic happy hour and will last much longer.  

No I am not wearing those shoes with my outfit, just for the picture

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  1. Nice!!! And, with a red chunky necklace or bracelet you may be able to pull off wearing those shoes with your outfit! :)