Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loving Fall

We have been eating up this weather, spending as much time outside as we can. I understand better why when we lived in Florida, Steve missed fall.  This past weekend was so nice to be home.

We went and hiked, had a date night,  I had a girls breakfast out, such a pleasant weekend.

Sister wanted to be carried, we laughed because we can imagine Buster running away from us, not wanting to be held back, while sister wants to be nice and close.

Oh my first Pumpkin Spice Latte! I was giddy over the weather, time with family and my fall drink!

Our terrible attempt at a family pic :)

For date night, our sweet friends Dave and Amber watched the kiddos. Steve and I haven't had a date night in about 6 weeks (a really long time for us), since we have been traveling so much. We had a coupon ( where you had to spend a certain amount of money for your coupon to work. Needless to say, it was a lot more food than we needed, it was the family feast for 4-6 people.  I am still eating off some of the leftovers!

My girlfriend Brandie turned 30 last week, so we had a girl date out Saturday morning. We had breakfast and watched a movie. She is ready to have her #2 (a little boy) any day, so we so enjoyed the time away from our kiddos and before little man enters the world. 

Such a restful, family filled weekend!


  1. Okay, so those pictures made me literally laugh out loud :) That is so funny to see you both and your healthy-selves surrounded by like a "humongo pile" of food lol! So cute!! :)

  2. Very Fun! Where did you guys go hiking? We love to hike but didnt know that there was anything around here.