Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Since this is TEAM Southards and not ERIN Southards, I am here to share news about our Team Captain, Mr. Southards. For those of you who don't have hunters in your life, you might not completely get it, but if you are a hunting widow like myself, you will understand how excited I am that Steve killed his buck early in the season.  More family time. I am just so excited that he got this deer, read his story below.

I love it when a plan comes together.  This is exactly what happened last night.  Since July I had been seeing a deer I lovingly refer to as “Hollywood.”  He earned his name because of the several camera appearance he made from four different locations.   His tine length, split G2 and kicker on G3 made him the deer I was hoping to catch up with at some point this fall.  It happened last night at 7:30.  I was hunting a new stand on the far side of a soybean field.  I walked in a different path last night thinking a deer might come from my west.  Turns out “Hollywood” did just that.  He came to the field toward final shooting light and grazed his way to me, presenting a shot around 100 yards.  Although I knew he was a shooter, I wasn’t sure at the time it was “Hollywood.”  Realizing I was shaking like a leaf, I decided to take my eyes off of the antlers and focus on the shot.  Aiming through the nerves, the 50 cal powerbelt was sent, providing the glorious sounding “thud” of a hard hit.  As the smoked from my muzzleloader cleared, I could see him running a hard circle in the field and then crashing 60 yards from the field’s edge.  I gave him 15 minutes, but couldn’t wait to get my hands on the antlers that I had been looking at since July.  Turns out finding deer in soy beans is harder than it looks but it wasn’t long and the months of watching and waiting paid off in the moment my flashlight came across his white belly.  

For those interested, the rough score brought him in at 153 inches. 

Hard to describe the satisfying feeling when a plan comes together.  As we all know, sometimes it happens like that but truthfully, most of the time it doesn’ least for me.  But I guess that is what keeps me hungry for the hunt.

Here is to a great fall, moments with God in the woods, and stories that we will tell for years to come!


These are the pictures he got from his Trail camera - you can say he has been stalking this guy for awhile

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this bad boy will soon be hanging on our walls (in the man cave). Never did I think I would marry a hunter. I thought my husband would be toting his golf clubs, sporting his khaki's and a bring pink polo, instead I have a husband who has guns and makes camo look very hot! God's got jokes!

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