Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Humbled Running

Saturday morning I was humbled. I have now realized that I am not 18 and can not go "sprint" 3 miles and feel ok. I have always said that if I can't just go run a 5k (without training) put me in the ground. That is overconfidence of a one-time decent runner who know has had 2 kids and hasn't run consistently since having children.

Our friends have a son you was diagnosed with SMA at the age of 3 months. He has defied odds and it still pushing on at 2 years old. He is precious and has the most amazing eyes. There was a 5k to support him and other SMA children. I thought, this would be a good cause and I would love to support however I could.

I thought, I do a bootcamp 3 mornings a week, sure I am not in "running" shape, but it is only 3 miles. So Saturday morning I woke early, picked up our friend Mike Zimmers (who was also running it) and we headed to the race. Now it was really cold and I had shorts on, I kept thinking surely it will be warm for the run. It wasn't.  Mike and I showed up to get our packets then proceeded to sit in the car with the heat on. We were making fun of those "over-serious" runners who were actually warming up for 3 miles. Seriously, their warm-up was longer than the race. We didn't need to do that, it was only 3 miles.

To spare all the details of the morning, it was cold, it was hilly, it was HARD. I thought surely we are running 8 - 8:30min miles because this hurts! Mike and I probably both had pride come into play, neither of us slowing for the other. So we ran hard, my stomach hurt, his lungs hurt, but we pushed forward and picked off runners one-by-one.

As we came to the final stretch of what was the longest 3 miles of my life, I saw the time. We finished right under 27 minutes, averaging a little less that 9 minute miles. Are you kidding me? I used to run 20 min 5k's in high school that didn't hurt as badly as this one. 

So I was humbled, I now see why people train even for a 5k. I now see why people warm up, even for a 5k. My body isn't that old, but it is getting older where I can't just be foolish anymore. It was a great morning though and a run for a great cause.

Here is the one picture we got with Tony and Kristen (in the blue shirts), Jon and Glynis (friends who ran as well) and Mike and myself with the man of the hour, Jadon all bundled up in his ride!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I relate to this so much. I used to think my Varsity running days would stay with me but a bum knee and a few years of not being 17 years old anymore -- I am MUUUUCH slower than my little 22 minute 5k HS swag! haha. There's no way I could do a 5k in 27 minutes if my life depended on it so props to you!

    Catching up on your blog today! God Bless you and the fam!