Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mimi K and fall

Mimi K has been here since Friday and we have been enjoying our time together. It is fun for her to see Fall as Florida doesn't show off too many colors this time of year. The weather has been amazing, we took full advantage of the warmer weather knowing that today, the cold weather is approaching. 

Mimi starts full-time duty with the kids today as Steve and I are heading out for 2 nights to a B&B in the middle of nowhere to celebrate our anniversary. We got a Groupon for the couples romantic package and are looking forward to taking full advantage of it. Thanks Mimi!


  1. what beautiful photos! i sure love your mom. enjoy you getaway!

  2. gorgeous fall pictures Erin! Hope you and Steve enjoy yourselves!!

  3. Fun! Love the picture of Payton Running and the one of Buster crawling! So cute!

  4. AWESOME pics!! Love the pic of your mom and Colton with the trees behind them... soooo cute!!