Friday, October 21, 2011

Got my hair did

The "right after in the car" shot
Ooooo, I am super excited. I found someone in KS who did an excellent job with my hair! For some of you, you understand the excitement, others are thinking "really Erin, get a life!"

Here is the back story. We have lived in KS almost 4 years (that in itself is crazy to me). When we first moved here I got a few really bad haircuts back-to-back. 3 years ago I had to cut all my hair off to my chin (I was not very excited about that). Every since then, I went to my main man Fernando in Orlando. He is amazing, but he is in Florida and I am KS. It has been almost a year since I got my haircut, because of the distance. Hair cuts get expensive when you have to factor in a plane flight.

I think my hair shouldn't be too hard, as it is straight and long. But somehow I have often received what I like to call "redneck layers." No offense to any redneck friends but those are the layers that are so choppy and don't blend well. Not sure how I came up with that expression, but it has stuck.

Home, still so happy, let's hope I can curl it the same way
I have been hesitant about finding someone here because of my past experiences. I understand that Kansas City is a large city and there are probably a lot of people who do hair really well.  All that to say, that today I went to have my friend Stephanie's sister Emily, and she cut my hair. I am so pleased! She also spent time curling it and showing me how to do it myself. So for all those friends who have asked me in the past about someone local for a good haircut, I have your girl!


  1. oh my word!!!! i was just thinking that i better plan my next trip to orlando to see fernando, because he is the BEST! please tell me who you went to! otherwise my hair my grow to my butt before i get back. thanks! :)

    p.s. your hair looks great!!!

  2. The hair looks great girlfriend!! I am so glad you found someone that you like.

  3. Getting the hair the way the hairdressers do it once your home is always a bit of fun. Never can get it just like they do ... mind you I can't be bothered spending that amount of time on it each day!!!! Looks lovely.