Thursday, October 13, 2011

Extra kiddos to love and a new roof

Yes, this is a post of random events, all the pictures thrown together in one post, call my lazy :)

Well Sister had her boyfriend stay the night. Don't worry, they were in separate beds. The Zimmers went to Colorado and we kept Ethan from Saturday until today. I got a glimpse of what it is like being a mother of 3, and when you add a 2.5 year-old instead of a baby, it really wasn't much different. The mornings were a little more hectic trying to get out the door for school, but all in all we had a great time, Ethan was so well behaved and I think I am ready to add another Steve/Erin offspring to the mix (yet that probably won't happen until my son detaches himself from the boobies).

Monday afternoon we had 2 of sister's other friends (Adi and Eastin) over as well. I have been watching the girls the last 2 months, 2 afternoons a week while their mom coached volleyball. Monday was my last day watching them and I know sister is going to be very upset. She loves having the girls over. So yes, if you are doing your math, Monday I had 5 kids under 4 years old. They actually did really well until about 5 o'clock when they started getting irritated at each other and I deemed it movie time. 

Ethan, Payton, Adi, Eastin

Buster tends to be distracting

* Side note, our formal sitting/dining room conversion to play room is nearing completion (you can see the progress behind the kiddos), I will post on that soon.

The other fun we had this week was we got a new roof. Exciting yes, but also limiting. That meant for 3 days we had men pounding and walking all over our roof. I tried Buster's morning nap in the basement and he wasn't having it. So Tuesday we spent the whole day in the van. Buster took his morning nap, then we picked up sister from school. 
While she did this,

Buster and I did this!

Thankfully it was a beautiful day (like every other day the last 6 weeks) so after sister woke up we got Sonic happy hour and went to another park. 

Once we got E-man from school we went to our friends the Branton's house for dinner. When we got home at 7:30, the roofers were still there, in the dark, pounding on the roof! Thankfully, they cleaned up not long after we got home, because E-man was not digging them pounding on the roof above his bed.  Wednesday and Thursday Buster was able to nap at home, since the roofers were more on the edges and I used a white noise app (one of the best apps I have on my iphone) to drown out the noise. Sister on the other-hand was too enamored with men being on our roof and all over the outside of the house, naps didn't happen for her. Whenever we would walk out of the house, she would say "ooooo, thank you for our fixing our roof." She was disappointed because they never replied, nevermind the fact they didn't speak English and they most likely couldn't hear her. 
Steve and sister went to the lake, Buster and I am holding down the fort, looking forward to a quiet weekend! Think we are going to head to the Plaza and stay as long as we want, Steve doesn't enjoy going there as much, so I take advantage of his absence and do the things I want in KC :)


  1. Your babies are about as cute as they come, Erin. :) And I love that you had 5 kids playing at your house. Not all moms can handle that!

  2. The pictures look cute. And indeed, one downside of getting a new roof is the noise the roofers make. It can be troublesome for kids who need to nap.