Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daddy BLUE!!!!

Team Southards had a great family morning. We went picking Blueberries!!!!! Blueberries just happen to be my and Payton's favorite fruit. She would eat blueberries all day everyday if I let her. It was a beautiful morning for our adventure.

We drove about 20 minutes south to The Berry Patch and went on a hunt for these bad boys.

Payton about died and went to blueberry heaven. The whole time we were picking all we heard was "Daddy Blue." That would be repeated louder and louder each time until the princess sitting on her throne got another blueberry to devour.

Devour she did. Steve said the rule of blueberry picking is to pick 2 and eat 1. Payton followed the rule of just eat as much as you can. People near us commented how cute it was to hear her asking for more blueberries.

While Steve fed Payton as quickly as he could, I did my best to fill our bucket so we would have something to bring home. We almost thought we should offer to weigh Payton on the way in and on the way out to see how much we owe for her consumption.

After The Blueberry Patch, we headed down to the cider mill for a cider slush. Steve and I talked as we drove from the blueberry patch to the cider mill how we drove past the Christmas Tree farm we cut our tree down each year, and the pumpkin patch we chose our pumpkin from this past year. There are so many cool things about Kansas that I didn't experience growing up in Florida.

We enjoyed our time sitting outside the cider mill, today was so pleasant, that is was a nice break from the Florida humidity we just left (I was informed it has been "Florida" hot and humid here recently in Kansas too).

We got a Large slush thinking Payton would share, that girl sucked down that cider slush. She thought it was so funny to go and drink daddy's and mommy's slush too.

Trying on mommy's glasses.

Payton and I both came home and crashed. Steve had to go to work, but we had a few great hours this morning as a family.


  1. What a wonderful day!! What blueberry patch did you go to?

  2. That sounds like a very fun day! Payton is such a little doll baby and is going to melt some hearts when she gets older!

  3. Erin, I could be mistaken, but I feel like I remember your dad telling a similar story about when he took you to pick blueberries when you were very little. I always remember it because I thought it was funny that he suggested they weigh you after you guys were done. Good post, and great blog, I enjoy following it to see what is going in the life of your family. Blessings on the forthcoming baby too.
    Craig Maxwell