Sunday, June 27, 2010

Royal's Game

Payton made her first trip to a Royals game. The Cardinals were in town, so Steve had extra motivation to make it to one of the games. We were fortunate enough to get tickets from a friend of ours and we headed as a family out to the game. I was a little nervous to take Payton as it was a 1pm game, limited nap before, hot, hot, hot time of day and her attention span is so short.

She did amazing! We had seats under a cover that were shaded, she was so in awe of all the people that she watched them and sat in our laps for 3 hours! She would clap when everyone else did and at one point gave knuckles to everyone she could reach.

I was proud of our little trooper, she really seemed to enjoy herself and mom and dad were actually able to watch the game. The royals really gave it to the Cardinals, winning 10-3. It was a fun day and we were so thankful for the tickets.

Payton was a mess this evening after church though. She did find time to fit in a few blueberries before bath time. Steve gave her the whole bowl, but not-as-fun mommy didn't let her have at them all.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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