Thursday, January 6, 2011


I know Colton isn't the most unique name, but we really don't know many people named Colton. It isn't a name that when we say it people often tell us of so-and-so that they know who is named Colton. So the other day I was flipping through Pottery Barn Kids and this is what I saw

My first thought was "great, now this name will become popular." I guess if it does, oh well.

People have asked if we are Indianapolis Colt fans because Peyton Manning and the Colts. Steve does like them, but they had no influence on our decision for naming our children.  We just had the names Payton and Colton, now for #3, we will be back to the drawing board as those were the only 2 names we had. 


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  1. We thought the same thing with Caroline. Its traditional but you dont ever hear of it hardly anymore. That started showing up in PB magazines not long after we had her and its also one the top ten girls list for this past year.... Guess we werent to individual after all.