Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inside activities

Being winter, being we have snow all over the ground, being I hate the cold, being that we have a newbie in the house, we have been staying inside a lot. I have tried to find things that keep Payton entertained inside.

It is too cold to be outside for too long in the snow, so I brought the snow inside where we could play in it and stay warm.  Payton was a little hesitant at first, but she quickly started enjoying it

We also got the opportunity to get real dirty. Someone suggested "painting"with pudding, so if she eats it, it won't hurt her. Luckily we wore an old shirt that could get dirty. Here is the progression of that experience...

This is one for the memory books, look at those cheeks!

I would love to hear of other ideas you have for inside activities for a preschooler.


  1. Hey that is a great idea to bring snow inside! Aaron is also a big fan but I have the same problem, what to do with the new baby!? I think I will try your idea for sure. We have been doing lots of fingerpainting, watercolors, play dough and stickers! :)

  2. Love the pudding painting. What great ideas! If you have cushions and an ottoman, we used to take the cushions off the furniture and lay them on the floor all around the ottoman, and the kids would do somersaults and jump off the ottoman landing onto the pile of cushions.