Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So if you read my last post, you read that I was quite lonely over the Holidays. Steve took the week between Christmas and New Years off and we decided instead of staying home by ourselves, we would travel to Southern Missouri to spend some time with both sets of his grandparents on their respective farms. I am very glad we did.  Even though I was worn out from traveling with a newborn who wasn't sleeping well and a 2 year-old that that ended up having the flu, I was so thankful for our time with family.  Steve grandparents aren't getting any younger and I know they delight in time with family, so it was a great trip. 

Payton dancing with Papa Southards. He has done this every time he has seen her since she was born.

Granny joining in on the music

I love seeing Payton laugh while dancing with Papa. I know it is hard on Papa's body as she is getting heavier, but I believe the joy he receives from it is worth it to him

Papa and Granny Southards with the kiddos

Really they are excited about seeing the kids, but we get to join in as well :)

We were fortunate to see Steve's Aunt Brenda (his dad's sister) and Uncle Fred as they were visiting as well

Papa and Granny Coats - Payton wasn't too sure about that silly Papa
We were able to stay with Steve's Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom down at the Coats farm. Their youngest daughter Whitney was home from college and we had a great time catching up with them.

Steve's parents visited us in KC this past weekend, bringing Steve's younger brother Ben to meet Colton as he was taking finals for school when Colton was born.  We had a great low-key weekend with them at home.  Payton was sick with the flu while we traveled and she passed it along to me, as I woke up Sunday morning with it. I was so thankful for Steve's parents being here to be extra hands while we were sick (unfortunately Payton must have passed it to a few of the family members we visited as some of them got sick after we left). Payton didn't get sick until the middle of our trip and I do have to say she handled it much better than I did. I am also very thankful for my wonderful neighbor/friend Sara, who took Payton Monday morning and this morning for a bit so I could rest up and regain my health. I am a blessed person with the people in my life.



  1. Congrats on the birth of your son, Erin. Payton and Colton are both absolutely gorgeous!
    I love reading and catching up on you!

  2. I'm so gad that you all had a great visit with Steve's family. I'm not sure how I missed your last post, but I'm glad I finally read it today.

    Handley was an easy baby, but Harper was completely different. I will say I never could have imagined the difference in going from 1 child to having 2. I underestimated how hard it would be, but I was happy to learn that everyday got easier. For a while I felt like Harper was never happy when she was awake and that was tough. However, we worked through her reflux issues causing her unhappiness so that made things easier too.

    Also, I can completely relate to how you are feeling with Payton. I used to get so frustrated with Handley and knew that I was not being as patient or understanding with her as I wanted to be because I was stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. I had to make a conscious effort to remember that she was just 2 (or not even when Harper was born) and that she was experiencing a tremendous change in her life too.

    Sorry to ramble, but I basically just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone and certainly not the only one going through this. It can be very hard some days, but it does get easier, so hang in there!