Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr visit, nice weather & bathtime

Last week was the week of Dr visits. Payton had her 2 year, Colton had his 1 month (really he was 6 weeks) and I had my post-delivery check up.

Here are the stats:

                       Payton                    Colton                                    Me     
Height:           2'10" (55%)           22" (65%)                                5'4"
Weight:          28lbs (61%)           10 lbs 14 oz (59%)                  About 10 lbs off pre-baby weight
Head:             19.9 in (avg)          15 in (grown 2 in since birth)  I have no idea :)

We have a new Dr that is a family Dr that we love. He spent over an hour with us, granted half of the time him and Steve shared hunting stories. He is young, a Christian, has 6 kids and loves to hunt, fish and sports.

We headed to the lake for a few days and so enjoyed the time there. We love going down there in the winter, it is so quiet and we get good down time.  I was able to work on some sewing that I had wanted to do and the weather was so amazing that we were able to get outside, it was refreshing to me soul to be able to be outside!

I completely forgot my camera, so the pics are off my phone:

Even though Payton has been in a big girl bed for months, she loves going in the pack n play for traveling. She calls it her "little bed." She wanted Colton to join her in her bed

Little Man and I went on a good walk up many hills. I am out of shape but it felt so good to get outside and move.

My little brother and his new wife were on the other side of the lake for some business meetings, so we drove to spend some time with them on Saturday before returning home. It was so nice to see them, we hadn't seen each other since their wedding in November.  I forgot to get a picture (I am forgetting a lot these days). But here is a shot of them from their wedding

On a completely side note: Payton hasn't really like baths for the last 1.5 years (that is 3/4 of her life) but my mom suggested doing candle baths (she did that with my little brother when he was little). Ever since her birthday, Payton has been in love with candles and wants to blow them out all the time. So she recently started taking candle baths (the lights are still on and we blow out and relight candles A LOT) and she isn't fighting baths like she used to!

Happy Monday, we are supposed to get anywhere from 6-18 inches of snow over the next 48 hours, hunker down and stay warm!


  1. I love the picture of them looking at each other, their little profiles are so alike!

  2. You make me want another one right now :)