Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Payton 2 years old!

Friday was Payton's 2nd birthday. It is crazy that 2 years have already passed.  Friday morning we woke up and made waffles. Payton helped me cook and then got to blow out candles on her waffles, she was thrilled to have candles on her waffles.

Waffles with whip cream and candles

Waffles with whip cream for birthday #1 too
(funny thing is she hasn't worn that bib for about a year and we just pulled it out and that is all she wants to wear)

Baking our waffles
I had thought about doing a birthday party for her, but a few weeks ago decided life was a little too crazy for a party. That decision was made before Steve had hurt his back (which he is doing much better) and I am very glad that I decided to not make a big hoopla and stress myself out. Last minute I decided to have a few friends with kids to join us at Chick-fil-a, one of Payton's favorite places to eat. We had a great evening with friends and the kids got ice cream and got to play while the parents visited.  Payton had a very rough day (tantrums ALL day) and you can see by the pictures she wasn't much happier at her own "party"

Ice Cream is her favorite dessert right now

We had to trick her to turn around from the picture. You can see her tears of unhappiness that she cried a lot that day

My mom and dad arrived late Friday night, so we got to celebrate Payton again on Saturday. We had pizza and then went and got ice cream with Zack and Hilary (our next door neighbors who are the closest thing to family for us in Olathe) and their families that were in town.  Payton loved her chocolate ice cream.

The gang

Loving chocolate ice cream

Zack and Hilary and us

Payton with a few of her favorite men

The family minus Colton

Colton was quite content sleeping in his car seat while we all ate. (Check out his adorable owl hat from my friend Judy)


  1. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY TO PAYTON!! I know I said this when we saw you a few months ago, but I can't believe how big Payton is getting! She isn't the baby that I used to hold and babysit for! What a adorable family you guys have!

  2. Happy Birthday Payton! Looks like lots of fun for a two year old and the ice-cream faces are adorable!