Wednesday, January 26, 2011



What you do with a screaming child who wants to be held and you need to get things done....


Being weighed down by 2 diaper bags and 1 purse and all while walking on ice, carrying a car seat and holding a 2 year-old's hand

Payton got her own backpack that she can carry and I upgraded to 1 larger bag for purse and Colton's stuff. We will see how this works.

For those of you with 2 little ones, how do you carry everything without breaking your back?


  1. I don't have 2 kids but I do have a skip hop diaper bag. It's amazing. I stuff it with a million things and it all fits. The shoulder strap is wide and padded so the weight is evenly distributed on my shoulder. I use it as a diaper bag for Bryant and my school bag with all my heavy text books. It also will hook on to a stroller.

  2. I never used any baby carriers with Handley, but with Harper it was a necessity! It was the only way I could keep her happy, keep up with Handley, and get things done. It was also a sure fire way to get her to nap when we were out and about. It looks like he is happy as can be in there. Plus, one big bag is definitely the way to go. :-)