Sunday, January 23, 2011


I haven't had time to blog recently but I have been trying to snap pictures, so here are a few pics of our life recently...

Grandpa Wiens spending quality time with Payton in her tent

I am not sure how they both fit in there with all the stuff Payton kept adding to the tent

Mom with little man, we had a great time with Mom and Dad. They were only here for 4 days and I was very sad to see them leave. Good news is the kids and I head to Florida in less than a month!

I decided I need to take pictures of little man (we have far less than we did with Payton) so I sat in him in her chair and she did not want him sitting in it unless she joined him.

"Lady why is the camera in my face?"

"Umm, a little help here lady"
"Enough already"

We have been stuck inside because of the 10 inches of snow

Steve brought me home a few surprises one evening. That is unlike him to bring me something "just because." No details will be provided about what was in the VS bag :)

I have a problem with sweets after having kids. I really have show no self control with cookies, candy, and anything yummy like these homemade-from-scratch Cinnamon rolls that my friend Amy brought me. I ate half of a 13x9 pan full of them in 2 days. So much for losing baby weight. The same thing happened with Payton,  I usually don't care for sweets much, but after delivering a baby, that sweet meter is turned up big time!


  1. Colton is so precious! He is going to be one handsome boy!

  2. I totally understand about the craving for sweets going out of control after having babies! My body is the same exact way. After I had Aaron I remember having days where I ate pretty much nothing but sweets! I was only able to curb it this time because shortly after I had Noah, our church did a corporate daniel fast in which I eliminated sweets from my diet for 3 weeks. The fast ended two days ago and amazingly, my sweet tooth has subsided. They say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit, right? :)

  3. Pictures look great! I am with you and the sweet tooth. I have been eating tons of them. Might as well enjoy it before summer and while breast feeding. Can't wait to have us hang out with our clan.

  4. I'm so happy you got to spend some time with your parents. Colton is just adorable!

  5. oh my gosh the pictures of colton are crrrraaazy! he's changed soooo much already since i last saw a picture of him! what a lil cutie he is!