Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Stinker

Buster has a new nickname "little stinker." He is in to every thing. He has really started to take off walking this past week. He probably walks as much as he crawls. He has walked across the house, has stood in the middle of the room by himself, has walked across the room, turned around and walked back, all while holding something. He was cruising about 8-9 months so I was sure he would walk early. Not so much, looks like he is right on target for a Southards' kid. Sister walked right before 15 months. 

We tried teaching him to walk by standing him against the wall

Sister liked to pretend she was learning to talk walk as well (I did notice how filthy my vents were in these pics and they have since been cleaned).

The other day sister was sleeping and Buster had full reign of the kitchen, he was eating it up. Sister thinks that he isn't old enough to play with her in there yet

Taking steps

Little stinker it is a good thing you are so cute, because you do drive me crazy :)

Loving on mama :)