Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Artwork and Master bedroom updates

I am 4 days away from turning 30. I still have a goals on my 30 Before Thirty list that I haven't accomplished. Some of the crafty ones are just waiting to be done. I have had the supplies, just not the time. Well, I crossed one off this week. I did my "Paint an artistic piece."

Our master bedroom has had a large bare wall for a long time.  I have changed things since the post on our master bedroom makeover, you can see HERE, that the mirror was moved and I had a blank wall starting at me every morning when I woke up.

I bought a 36x48 canvas from Michael's awhile back for really cheap. I asked my neighbor Hil who is an actual artist some tips on technique and supplies. I looked for a long time online for inspiration. I knew I wanted circles and multiple colors, but wasn't sure what else. Long story short, I ended up using my a Martha Stewart stencil (from Michael's) because I didn't trust my free hand. I was so excited with the results. If you are a real artist, you might cringe and not call this artwork, but it is to me :)

I couldn't be happier with what it adds to my bedroom.

Speaking of my bedroom, I never posted pictures of changing from jewel tone colors to yellow as my accent in the grey room. I resisted yellow in my initial make-over because I felt like it was so overused, but after spending time with the other colors, I see why it is used so much, because it is so cute. Yes those are Dwell Studio pillows from Target that you see ALL over blogland. You will also notice I brought more beach decor (shells, coral reef and some weird thing on my bedside table). I accented the yellow/grey with sea green and light turquoise (colors I used in my painting).

These crosses got a spray painted face lift too. They were originally mossy green, have been white for a long time, and just got a little more punch. I am still considering what to put where the frame it, I threw that up there for the time being.

One more close up of my artwork. For fun I added pink in the top corner. It is a bright pink, the picture doesn't show the color well.

Thanks for checking my updates. I have so many other house projects in my mind right now. The big one is reupholstering my chair that will not be done before I turn 30 Monday, but I will be starting on that soon. 

Steve is hunting in Texas, so the kids are I are leaving for my in-laws in St. Louis today for the weekend. I am thankful we will be able to spend time with them. Sister can't wait to see Uncle Benny



  1. Have a fun and safe trip!! Will miss you at church this weekend! xo

  2. Hey Girly.....just wanted to pop in and wish you a VERY happy birthday!! I'm sorry....I don't have your phone number or email....I would have texted or emailed so hopefully you'll still see this today! Hope it's a great, great day, dearie! xo, Dawn

  3. Can you please come to Daytona and decorate my house?! It's looking pretty pathetic around here, and yours looks fabulous!