Friday, February 17, 2012

My abs after having children

Torn Up!

That is exactly what my stomach and abs have experienced since having children. Really it was Sister who did the damage. Remember this picture

May I remind you that I went a whole month longer than that picture. Yes 4 weeks, 30-something days. And you all know how you grow at the end. So I try not to wonder what would have happened if my doctor didn't let me go 16 days over my due date. I can't blame him for my belly button that has been completely deformed and sticks it nose out like an ant-eater. Really the fact that I have extra skin hanging off my belly like a fat person who lost an extreme amount of weight, I can't say for sure that it is from going way pass my due date. I know my tone is sarcastic, and I really don't blame anyone (even my child) but it has crossed my mind.

Instead of worrying about the past and damage, I am doing my best to move forward (and at this time buying really cute one-piece and tankini swimsuits). My abs separated during pregnancy. How do you know, can you stick you hand up inside your belly? I can :) I still can :) Surgery is an option, I really question if I have a hernia because of my bulging around my belly button, but those all don't really matter until I am done having kids. You can not do much until that time in regards to surgery. So I have researched some ways to really strengthen those muscles the best I can. Little did I know, that I have been working my abs incorrectly most of my life. I found a website from a young mom with 3 kids. Yes she does have a 6-pack after 3 kids, but remember, fitness is what she does for a living. The website has been really informational, especially in regards to ab workout, so I thought I would share it with you. She has an 8-minute ab workout video I am doing once a day for a month, to jump start those muscles back into shape. She is also daring enough to show you her body in a swimsuit the whole way up and down from pregnancy weight. 

 Check out Lindsay

This one explains separated abs and proper ab workout

This one is the workout I am doing

Ok fellow moms, let's get those abs back the proper way :)

UPDATE - I wrote this post earlier in the week and was at my family doctor Tuesday and Steve made me show him my belly. Long story short, he sent me to a general surgeon who I saw yesterday. I do have a hernia and Diastasis Recti (separated abs). He could do the surgery for the hernia now (before I am done having kids) but he said that the surgery for the abs (which is often done at the same time) would need to wait until after children. As of January we had already met our insurance deductible (thanks to surgery and an ICU stay) so the hernia surgery wouldn't cost much at all, but he suggested I wait if I want the abs fixed as well. So for a fleeting moment I thought pretty soon I would have my stomach back to somewhat of a normal state. 

I asked about doing my exercises for the abs and he said those are good, but won't solve the problem, surgery will. Now I do understand that this is a surgeon saying this. 

Anyone have any experience or insight on the subject?



  1. I have the separation, too. It is annoying, uncomfortable, and at times, downright painful. True, it will not go away unless you have surgery (which is essentially a tummy tuck). So my suggestion is that you do what you can to strengthen what you have. When I'm teaching Body Pump it's really frustrating because while I can do all the ab exercises just fine, I just can't go as high (say, in a crunch) as I would be able to if my abs worked together. But separately, each side is very strong, which helps me pull my belly in and brace my lower back. I would encourage you to work on functional strength--pulling your belly in as much as you can during every day activities. Strength training is always a plus, and while you're lifting weights you're also working your core to stabilize yourself.
    Ok this is way too long. I definitely have first hand experience with the email me if you have any questions!

  2. I actually had this post saved in my reader so that I could go back and check out these ab videos, but had to comment because of a crazy coincinence. I just returned from Indiana where i was visiting family. My cousin recently went to the doctor because she thought she had a hernia and found out she has the same thing-hernia and separated abs. She had twins two years ago-that was her second pregnancy. She's actually had a lot of complications from the separated abs-some bowel blockages and almost constant constipation. She'll have a surgical consultation on Wed and surgery within 72 hours. She was asking me if I knew anyone who'd had the same problem and I told her that I recently learned of someone, but couldn't remember who--it was you! Anyway, just in case you notice intestinal isssues, I wanted to bring up the connection. She's been seeking help for those problems since having her sons-and was hospitalized once for the blockage, but they never correctly identified the problem.