Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It is a little crazy that our first somewhat decent snow came mid-February, no complaining here. I will take this kind of winter all the time. The kids and I got out to enjoy the day yesterday.

Sister loved sledding! The kind of sledding that involves mom running back and forth between houses. We did have to slow down when brother joined us.

Sister also delighted in helping shovel the driveway with her princess shovel from papa and gigi.

We were outside about an hour, we ended putting Buster inside where he watched us behind the glass door, he wasn't too excited about that, but he didn't have as good snow gear as sister.  Sister did make it back outside when daddy got home for round 2 :)

Sunny and 40's here today, melting away most of the snow. It was fun while it lasted :)

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