Saturday, February 4, 2012

No moms allowed

It is that time of year, Payton has been talking about it since last year....

Steve and Payton went last year for the first time, and she really does talk about it all the time. What a great opportunity for Dad to take their daughters on a date. They will be going to dinner first, then to the dance. They have been practicing their moves and talk about their plans daily. Our church has done this for years and there are all ages represented. One of my girlfriends even had her Dad come into town and take her last year. 

If you are local and have a daughter,  I would highly encourage you consider this event. You don't have to go to our church to attend, it is open for anyone. We all know how important the Father/Daughter relationship is, sometimes Dad's just don't know what to do with their girls. Here you go, no excuses. 

Mark it down, Saturday February 18th

For those that are interested, you can sign-up online. Check the link out below. 

Here is last year's picture (it was summer last year, the normal date will be around Valentine's Day)


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